Do Not Forget: NamedScope and dates September 29th, 2008

One of the scopes I had in a project was from_this_month

class Transaction
  named_scope :from_this_month, :conditions => {:created_at =>}

Which worked great to know all transactions from a user in a certain month. I could do current_user.transactions.from_this_month. When I tested this in developer mode all went well.. Production, however, didn’t work at all.

As we all know, Developer mode reloads classes every time you make a request. Production mode obviously doesn’t, so in Production, the first time you load the page you get a correct time-scope, if you do it a day later, however, the scope is still the same of yesterday. This can be solved with a proc or a lambda, which will get called on each request!

So, just to make sure I never forget, Use a lambda!

class Transaction
  named_scope :from_this_month, lambda { {:conditions => {:created_at =>}} }
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2 Responses to “Do Not Forget: NamedScope and dates”

  • over 3 years ago Jomz said

    cool! i had been wondering what lambda was for a while..

  • over 3 years ago Infakta said

    Thanks for sharing!

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