Autoload JQuery Plugins August 5th, 2009

Rails has the convenient helper javascript_include_tag where you can give up :default, which automatically loads prototype / effects, or with the jrails plugin adds jquery, jquery-ui and jrails.

But when using jQuery you want to use more than those files, you want to use jQuery plugins, or write your own, all in small .

Loading this can be a pain in the ass. Thats why I wrote this little initializer which adds everything in public/javascripts/jquery/*.js to the defaults.

# config/initializers/add_jquery_to_defaults.rb
Dir[File.join(ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper::JAVASCRIPTS_DIR,'jquery','*.js')].each do |js|
  ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper.register_javascript_include_default "jquery/#{File.basename(js)}"
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