Ruby Hash coolness September 28th, 2009

Don’t shoot me if you already use this every day, but this is new to me.

In the past I’ve often had code like this

@hosts = {}

@accounts.each do |account|
  @hosts[account[:host]] ||= []
  @hosts[account[:host]] << account

But why do this hen you can just add some initializer code to your hash.

@hosts = { |h, k| h[k] = [] }

@accounts.each do |account|
  @hosts[account[:host]] << account

Where Hash automatically invokes the block when an unknown hash key is called. Great!

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2 Responses to “Ruby Hash coolness”

  • over 2 years ago grosser said

    Seems to be the same as[]) ;)

  • over 2 years ago Dan Kubb said

    @grosser: It most definitely is not the same thing as[]). When you do that, every value will share the exact same Array object. That means if you did: hash[:foo] << 1; hash[:bar] << 2, and then looked at hash[:foo] you’d get [ 1, 2 ]. Same thing if you looked at hash[:bar]. Modifying either of those will also affect the other.

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