Rails XLS Revived

Rails can simply be defined as a very dynamic and productive web application framework, which has its origin written in Ruby. The Reason as to why rails are the most common being used today is because you can develop a web application much faster with compared to any java framework. You will realize that to open up a ruby framework to develop a database-backed web one has to configure the chose using Database Schema.

In order for this to function well, it will require a full stack framework which is everything needed that will create a database driven web most of the time using the model view controller pattern. This means that all the layers are built to work well together and requires a very few lines of codes than most of the available framework

In order for the rails to be more productive and strong at the same time, they have some features that rely on one another. Some of these features are:

  • Active RecordMetaprogramming: this is here the framework extensive code to write the program from the beginning. The rails use this code as well as ruby but they all rely very heavily on the metaprogramming for heavy lifting.
  • Active Record: this was introduced by the rails to help save objects into the database. With the help of metaprogramming, the rails discover the columns in the schema and automatically attached them to your domain.
  • Convention over configuration: Have you ever realized that most web developments had twist user to write pages on configuration code but this is not the case with rails.
  • Scaffolding: Compared to how the creation of temporary code in the early stages that will enable one to see how the component work together, rails are there to do all this work.
  • Built-in testing: it is one of the reasons why rails are so effective as it provides harness and fixtures which are supporting codes that make the testing much easier process. this simply automated tests can be extended.
  • Environments: there are a total of three default environments that rails provide and they all behave in a different manner which enables one to develop the much-needed cycle very easily. The environments are development, testing, and production.


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